Welcome to the 2015 Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide. As we enter our 44th year we are bolstered in the knowledge that as the field of corporate social responsibility which ICCR members helped found in the early 1970s continues to evolve, so does the work of our growing coalition of active shareowners to refine their methodology and design newer and better models for corporate engagement.
While this Guide is focused on shareholder resolutions, a tool still very much in use by shareholder advocates, it is important to note that the filing of resolutions represents only one of many strategies employed by ICCR members as they work to bring greater transparency, accountability and sustainability to global business practices.
As a general rule, the number of filings for any given year can be an important indicator of the level of corporate resistance to, or acceptance of, the changes beings sought by ICCR members; fewer resolutions may mean that real progress is being made in dialogues obviating the need for the broader involvement of other investors via the proxy statement.
Included in this Proxy Resolutions and Voting Guide are the 227 ICCR member-sponsored shareholder resolutions for 2015. We hope that you will study the resolutions described in this Guide thoughtfully, and consider supporting those with which you agree in whatever way you can.

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