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Miller Coors – Sustainability report

We are fortunate to have an engaged and diverse workforce with a steadfast commitment to sustainability. By building strong ties with each other, our suppliers and surrounding communities, we’ve proven we can make a difference when we’re all working toward a common cause. We act as ambassadors for safe and responsible beer consumption, volunteer to improve our lakes, rivers and watersheds, and help reduce our impact on the environment.
In the following pages, our people share how their passion for brewing and marketing great quality beer is helping write our sustainability story. Our 8,134 employees work together as a single team rising to meet and even exceed—our challenges. Our people are our most valuable asset, and their impact on our business is visible in each statistic and accomplishment detailed in this report.
More information about our overall sustainability efforts in Responsibility, People and Communities, Environmental Stewardship, Supply Chain and Ethics and Transparency, including data and commentaries from external stakeholders, can be found in the second half of this report.

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