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RILA_2012 Retail Sustainability Report

On behalf of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and our member companies, we are proud to present our first Retail Sustainability Report. For the past several years, RILA has provided resources to empower, enhance, and accelerate sustainability activities in the retail industry; this report is our first comprehensive look at the sustainability landscape.
But of course all the retail efforts identified in this report are only the beginning. There is still much more to be done. We can confidently say that since RILA began working with our members’ sustainability executives four years ago, retailers have dramatically increased the reach and scope of their activities. Rather than stagnating throughout the recession as one might expect, retailers have redoubled their efforts–first focusing on their own operations, be it energy or landfill waste reduction in stores or customer engagement throughout the shopping experience, then reaching into their supply chains to ensure efficient operations and appropriate labor conditions.
We hope this report illustrates the tangible progress the industry has made, often without precedent. But there is still work yet to be done and there are still challenges the industry faces. Regardless, the retail industry will continue to drive progress


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