JPMorgan Chase has served its customers, shareholders and communities for more than 200 years. Since we were founded, our company has been guided by a simple mission that perhaps was best articulated by J. Pierpont Morgan, Jr., in 1933, when he said: “I should state that at all times the idea of doing only first-class business, and that in a first-class way, has been before our minds.”
The purpose of this report is to offer our shareholders and other interested parties a view into how we are striving to meet that mission both for today and for the future. Specifically, we summarize on the following pages:
Ways we have sought to strengthen our corporate culture, including improving our employees’ understanding of and adherence to our corporate standards and steps we have taken to enhance our corporate structure so that our company’s leadership is better positioned to uphold, exemplify and enforce those standards across the enterprise
• Our control environment, which starts with our businesses and is supported by our control functions and Internal Audit, and the investments we have made in people, policies and technology to enhance it
• Ways in which we are strengthening our customer commitment, including offering the products and services our customers need, better coordinating and streamlining our channels, and making it easier or people to do business with us
• Enhancement of our relationships with regulators, shareholders and communities through, among other measures, increased transparency and more regular  engagement

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