The 2014 congressional elections will have a powerful influence on the climate change policies of the United States government and thus on the international community’s response to the defining challenge of our time. For years, an unofficial caucus of climate science deniers on Capitol Hill has blocked action, even as global temperatures have risen and severe weather events grown more severe.
Three Key Findings:
»»Climate deniers in the 113th Congress have received more than $641 million in campaign contributions from thousands of US companies and their employees since 2008, including more than $98 million so far in 2014.
»»Even companies with strong rhetorical commitments to climate action have made large contributions to the denier caucus, including Google ($699,195), Microsoft ($1.07 million), Ford ($791,285), United Parcel Service ($1.97 million) and eBay ($252,302).
»»Indeed, the vast majority (90 percent) of the corporate contributions to climate deniers have come from outside the fossil fuel industry, with finance and healthcare companies contributing even more money than their fossil fuel counterparts did.

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