CSR 필름페스티벌

2013 Korea CSR Film Festival


‘2013 Korea CSR film Festival’ will be held this coming November. This is an event where individuals, students, corporations, NGO/NPO are invited to participate by sharing their stories of social responsibility (SR) through films. KOSRI cordially invites you to the 2nd CSR Film Festival, which is to be held on November 20th of 2013.

We are currently awaiting short films for ‘2013 Korea CSR Film Festival’. All films showing your CSR activities are welcome. Winners will receive not only honor but also prize money and grants for future KOSRI event participation. Furthermore, they will be subtitled in many languages and distributed throughout the world.

Film is not just entertainment — it is one of the most powerful vehicles to the human mind. You have talent, but what messages are you are going to deliver to people? We are confident that this festival will bring about exciting and innovative strategies to share CSR activities to domestic and international communities.

In the years ahead KOSRI looks to broaden its mission even further as it examines the changing role of business in society and seeks to work with the business sector to address some of society’s greatest problems.

Today KOSRI continues its work to promote social contribution and social responsibility to corporate. KOSRI plays an important role in spreading CSR throughout Korean society/community. The CSR Film Festival holds the purpose of serving as a social practice to provide easy access of your CSR activities to the community. Through these films, communication and social consensus can be formed.

Korea Social Responsibility Institute (KOSRI) has held the first and longest-running CSR film festival in Korea. We successfully ran an international independent CSR film festival for two years now. Founded in 2011, KOSRI has a history of leadership in CSR research and education. We have made MOU with Boston College Corporate Citizenship in the year 2012. We engage from big companies to individuals to share knowledge and expertise about the practice of corporate social responsibility through the KOSRI’s newsletter, SR wire, online community, monthly forums, and our annual conferences.

For more information, please visit KOSRI’s website at www.kosri.com.
More detailed information on applying will be announced in early July.

Those who wish to participate in the ‘2013 Korea CSR Film Festival’ can take a look at the winning films of ‘2012 Korea CSR Film Festival’ and find the basic guidelines of making the film. http://www.etoday.co.kr/special/2012/csr/

Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director of Boston College Corporate Citizenship Center and Professor Nam from Center for Global Social Responsibility presented domestic and international trend of CSR at ‘2012 Korea CSR Film Festival’, held in Hyatt Hotel on Nov. 7th, where 400 participants from corporate, students, and individuals attended.

On the second half of the festival, after watching the award-nominated films, on-site voting was conducted and award ceremony was held. Total of 76 entries were reviewed by the judges. Among those 10 films from corporate, 5 entries from students group, general from 2, and as well 2 from social organization produced total of 19 award winning films.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at borikim0811@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest in Korea CSR Film Festival!