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Fedex-Environmental Sustainability Report

At FedEx, we believe that the success of our business and the future of our environment are deeply intertwined. Our focus is simple: to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways.
Our commitment to sustainability starts with our daily operations; we have set ambitious goals to increase efficiencies, reduce waste, increase our use of renewable power sources, promote conservation across our supply chain and push our industry forward through thoughtful innovation and leadership. We have set out a plan to meet these goals in EarthSmart®, a comprehensive roadmap designed to help FedEx operate in increasingly sustainable ways. EarthSmart recognizes that true sustainability extends beyond our operations and includes our team members and communities, resulting in a three-pillar approach:
• EarthSmart Innovations: FedEx® solutions that improve the sustainability of our products, services, and physical assets
• EarthSmart @ Work: Programs that inform and engage team members, helping us to make significant contributions to a more sustainable workplace
• EarthSmart Outreach: Philanthropic and volunteer programs centered around effective environmental stewardship in the communities we serve
This report outlines our recent achievements in environmental sustainability philanthropic programs including EarthSmart Outreach, our commitment to making communities cleaner, healthier and more efficient by encouraging sustainable transportation, parks and green urban spaces and resilient ecosystems. EarthSmart Outreach programs are focused on three areas:
• Sustainable Transportation: Benefits the environment by reducing emissions and congestion, enhancing safety and expanding accessibility.
• Sustainable Cities: Supports healthy, environmentally responsible urban environments through the conservation and restoration of parks and green space along with sustainable development practices.
• Sustainable Ecosystems: Promotes ecosystem viability by supporting sustainable forestry, rehabilitating natural habitats impacted by disaster and improving disaster resilience.


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