Cyberchase: making math fun

Every child should have the opportunity to succeed
Ernst & Young is working to expand access to education for disadvantaged children all over the world. At the elementary school level, that means helping to build basic skills and encouraging students to start envisioning the doors they‘ll be able to open through higher education. In 2007, Ernst & Young joined forces with PBS to improve math literacy in the US and beyond:

► We sponsor the Emmy award-winning PBS children’s series Cyberchase.
Cyberchase is an animated action/adventure series in which three kids use their math skills to defeat a dastardly villain named Hacker. It is designed to engage children between the ages of 8 and 11 – particularly minorities and girls, who are statistically less likely to choose a STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) academic and career path.

► Ernst & Young personally delivers the Cyberchase experience to schools around the US through the Ernst & Young/Cyberchase Volunteer Program. Since 2007, over 650 Ernst & Young professionals have brought math to life for 1,700 disadvantaged kids at local schools and community organizations by facilitating fun, hands-on problem-solving activities. To date, we have hosted the program 40 times in 20 US cities. ► Ernst & Young has extended the reach of Cyberchase by creating Cyberchase Travel Edition, group activities that work well in places where kids expect to have fun — like museums and libraries, club meetings and birthday parties. The activities are accessible to any parent, educator or community volunteer who wants to get kids excited about math. You can download Cyberchase Travel Edition at www.ey.com/us/cyberchase.

► Cyberchase is a multimedia initiative, and the Cyberchase website at the PBS KIDSGO! Portal, http://pbskids.org/cyberchase is filled with interactive games for kids, as well as resources for parents and teachers.

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