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  • What does a sustainable institution look like?
  • Sustainable IT procurement
  • The role of IT in delivering sustainability?
  • What’s next for sustainability within the sector?

Definition of Net Positive

We can look at Net Positive from two perspectives

–Net Positive impact of a particular institution when we examine how it manages its negative and positive impacts (negative – use of natural and manufactured, positive contribution to human and social capital)

–The overall Net Positive impact of a sector – the total contribution of the learning sector to society

The role of IT in delivering sustainability

  • Benefits
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved reputation
  • Smarter working
  • Integrated institutional approach toward sustainability
  • Student engagement and the Student Experience
  • Information sharing / unified approach
  • Enhancing Teaching and Learning
  • Enhancing Community Engagement


  • Summary

Net Positive Sustainability

–Allows institutions to demonstrate their real value

–Supports the learning sector communicate its real contribution society

–Provides a positive framework to facilitate a whole institution approach

–Put the core business of institutions at the heart of their sustainability strategies

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