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The 2014 GreenBiz NGO Report


This report is based on a survey conducted with the GreenBiz Intelligence Panel, made up of more than 3,200 members, mostly with U.S.-based companies across a wide range of industry sectors. More than three-quarters of responses came from companies with revenues greater than $1 billion. Most of the results included in this report reflect the responses from panelists in large companies unless otherwise noted.


The GreenBiz Intelligence Panel is a research group made up of more than 3,000 executives and thought leaders in the area of corporate environmental strategy and performance. Panel members participate in brief monthly surveys, providing their expertise and perspective on corporate initiatives, laws and regulations, and scientific advances that are shaping the green agenda. Roughly 80 percent of the panelists come from companies with annual revenue greater than $1 billion.The results from these surveys appear in GreenBiz articles and reports, as well as custom research reports for corporate clients seeking to gain the views and perspectives on sustainability issues from a targeted business audience.


We asked sustainability executives from large corporations to rate and rank 30 leading NGOs. As we tabulated the data, we created four category profiles that reflect how large corporations view the different NGOs.


Trusted Partners – Corporate-friendly, highly credible,

long-term partners with easy-to-find public success stories

Useful Resources – Highly credible organizations known for

creating helpful frameworks and services for corporate partners

Brand Challenged – Credible, but not influential, organizations

The Uninvited – Less broadly known groups, or those viewed more as critics than partners

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