This year’s Social Media Sustainability Index—looking back at the year 2013—takes an exhaustive view of how 475 companies from all over the world communicate sustainability using social media. It looks at companies from all areas of business —everything from consumer goods to retail to technology to heavy industry. What we have found is an explosion in the number of companies committed to talking about sustainability. Yet, at the same time, very few of those companies seem to have a good idea who they are talking to and what stories they should be telling.

The 2013 Social Media Sustainability Index took an exhaustive look at how 475 global, publicly listed companies are communicating their sustainability actions and initiatives using social media. We select the initial 475 from a variety of sustainable company indices including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the FTSE4GOOD.

Successful social media communication is based around a combination of frequent, topical, relevant, open, authentic, creative and innovative content and dialogue. As such we judge each company’s social media sustainability communication efforts based on:

• How often they publish and update their sustainability social media channels

• How transparent they are in allowing comments and responding to comments and conversation

• How authentic is their social media content? Do they communicate what the company is doing or what it says it would like to do?

• How creative and innovative is the social media content?

• Do the companies understand their audience?

• How useful is their content?

• Can the Sustainability or Corporate Responsibility Report be shared via social media?

This year’s index will provide you with the overview of how the Top 100 companies communicate sustainability. It demonstrates: 

what channels they are using; which of the 10 biggest FMCG companies are using their brands for social media sustainability comms; best practice in storytelling as well as profiles of the Top 10 companies on this year’s Social Media Sustainability Index.

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