Greenpeace cautions that any company intending to resume any trade with APP must apply strict conditions to commercial contracts requiring continued progress be made against the FCP and those outstanding policy issues discussed in this review.
In early February 2013, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) announced a new Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).1 This included an immediate moratorium on all further forest clearance by all of its Indonesian suppliers and a commitment to no further plantation development in forest areas. Within APP’s supply chain, natural forests are being identified via High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments being undertaken by The Forest Trust (TFT).
Following a meeting with APP senior management in Jakarta in September 2013, as well as a number of recent meetings with other NGOs working on Indonesian forest issues, this report represents Greenpeace’s perspective on the progress made against the implementation of APP’s FCP since its announcement. The report is divided into two parts:
1. Progress against specifi c commitments outlined in the FCP
2. Further policy commitments, clarifications and verification
Along with other NGOs, Greenpeace has recommended that paper buyers should continue to monitor APP’s delivery of its FCP. Greenpeace cautions that any company intending to resume any trade with APP must apply strict conditions to commercial contracts requiring continued progress be made against the FCP and those outstanding policy issues discussed in this review. Greenpeace welcomes APP’s decision to hire an independent third party to audit the implementation of its FCP, which will assist in measuring this progress.

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