This report gives an overview of the first two years of Create Jobs for USA, a successful initiative launched in November 2011 by Starbucks and Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) to help address the jobs crisis. The first in a series of three reports that Create Jobs for USA will produce in 2014, this publication shares the lessons learned from the initiative. The next two reports in the series will focus on the substantial effort that Starbucks and OFN undertook with Create Jobs for USA Awardees to collect and analyze data on job creation and retention. The first will focus on what we learned about data collection and the reporting process, highlighting essential elements of the process and providing sample tools to improve practice in this area. The second will analyze the data results related to jobs based on the thousands of loans that Awardees made and reported on since the inception of Create Jobs for USA. It will also explain the dollar amount of financing to create and retain one job through this initiative, including differences based on sector, loan size, geography, and other factors. By publishing this series, Create Jobs for USA hopes to demonstrate the successful collaboration of many partners, and how community lenders are contributing to solving the jobs crisis in the U.S. by creating and retaining jobs in underserved urban, rural, and native communities.

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