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Honda CSR Report 2012


Honda has long viewed itself as a mobility company, focused on creating new value for its customers and society through innovations developed from the initiative and original thinking of Honda associates around the world. The willingness to pursue new dreams for the customer, which Honda expresses as “The Power of Dreams,” has been at the core of the company’s success and comes not only from new ideas but also from the determination of Honda associates to make these ideas come true for the customer.

Honda is involved in a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to fulfill its goal of being a company that society to exist by stakeholders worldwide. Honda makes CSR information available on this website and in the Honda CSR Report PDF edition. The report complies with the GRI* Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Honda hopes that the website and the Honda CSR Report 2012 PDF edition will facilitate a better understanding of Honda’s CSR activities for all of the stakeholders. The following Honda CSR Report 2012 provides more detailed information about the “Business Results,” “Environmental Conservation Activities,” “Driving Safety Promotion,” and “Philanthropy Activities” sections of this report.

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