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Humana 2013 CSR Report


Humana has been working to help people live healthier lives since it was founded more than 50 years ago. Well-being is at our core, and as a company whose primary focus is on the wellbeing of the people we serve, Humana is going beyond health insurance to partner with people in their health.

To help fulfill our dream of helping people achieve lifelong well-being, Humana associates live these values:

Inspire Health: We inspire health by making conscious choices every day and motivating others with our positive example. We care about each other and actively contribute to an environment of well-being.

Cultivate Uniqueness: We find ways to connect with each other and our customers. Respecting one another, listening with an open mind, and seeking different perspectives result in richer solutions.

Rethink Routine: Innovation emerges from a culture that cultivates curiosity. We spark creativity by challenging ourselves to think differently.

Pioneer Simplicity: We make life easier and believe that less can be more. When we empower associates with responsibility, we are able to create an agile organization and an exceptional experience.

Thrive Together: We focus on shared success by breaking down silos, inviting collaboration and mentoring others. We believe in, and act with, positive intention to create an environment of trust and integrity.

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