[Bo-ri Kim, Researcher] Children are the hope of a country to lead the future. However, there are varieties of teenage problem in the society. Various teenage support systems exist but it’s very difficult to expect much since most of the programs are fragmentary and standardized.

AarrowAD Korea introduced the sport of Sign Spinning as an advertising medium which supports teenager to grow independent. Arrow Advertising merged its extreme sports backgrounds with the desire to be the center of attention. This grabbed young people’s attention. Team manager of AarrowAD Korea, Mr. Choi, speaks about today’s teenagers.

AarrowAD Korea
AarrowAD Korea is the representative social-entrepreneurial corporation of Seoul to primally presenting sign spinning in Asia. At various events, festivals, and advertisement activities by using arrow sign it delivers advertisement messages effectively. AarrowAD Korea is committed to creating well-paying job opportunities for teenagers and operates in Seoul and Pusan.

ArrowAD Korea did not start off as a social venture. OTB Creative (hereafter OTB) Advertisement company was founded and AarrowAD was implemented as one of a platform to be acknowledged as a social-entrepreneurial corporation. As Mr. Choi was preparing for this business he thought AarrowAD would be the most cost-effective marketing solution.

“As I was looking for part-time sign spinners, I encountered many lost teenagers and got me very upset. So, I went up to them first to offer them this opportunity.” said Mr. Choi.

First, those teenagers will be hired as a part-time and if this works suits them they will change to full-time. Some of the kids who are interested and talented in Advertisement and promotion were recruited as employees of OTB. ArrowAD is committed to youth employment but that is not the only purpose. Mr. Choi works his way to develop career opportunities for those socially disadvantaged class teenagers.

“I do not believe teenagers from low income family should always get financial assistance. I just wanted to open up an opportunity to those who try. Every teenager has different dreams and aptitude. It’s more important to make practical value and experiences for them. So I tell my kids to look on the internet to see what kinds of jobs there are because how can they choose their career when they don’t even know what kinds of jobs exist. It’s kind of like asking what would like to order without handing a menu. If they want to learn something then I make them register for an academy with their paycheck or help them save money.”

Then what did the teenager mean to Mr. Choi? He answered this question by saying “Everyone has their own category of what they like such as animals or plants. For me, it was teenagers. ‘Teenagers’ was the category I liked.”

Mr. Choi is not only focused on creating job opportunities for socially marginalized or juveniles but more like teenagers as a whole. He dreams on making a system to network among all the teenagers and to support those that are lost. Those isolated teenagers should have the chance to see others at their age who may be living an ordinary life and be envious and regretful of their past. This can work as a motivation and lead them to get back on the right track. At schools and in the society, these kids are considered as trouble makers and left alone. However with Mr. Choi, it’s not the same.

“When those kids try to get a job, most of the employers reject them. But they are the starts of our company. This helped me to get rid of all my prejudice and changed the way I view them.

Mr. Choi is making a blue ocean with those teenagers. Of course, there are kids who still don’t change but many who did change already became the blue ocean of AarrowAD Korea. Just as how AarrowAD positioned itself as a promotional culture in Korea, support and sponsorship for those teenagers will soon be set as another culture in Korea.

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