[KOSRI, Bo-ri Kim Researcher] “In order to expand CSR in Korea, it must start from the CEO’s recognition of CSR. CSR in Korea can only step further with the changeover of CSR from CEO to newly employed staffs.” To suggest a new coordinates of Korean CSR ‘ISO 26000 & CSR International Conference 2013’ held by KOSRI and Etoday ended in great success. Current status of CSR activities in Korea and a direction for the future were discussed in-depth among the many participants. Estimated number of 350 participants, from CSR managers to students, occupied the seats at the Conference

Wayne Visser, President of CSR International, mentioned “Five stages of maturity in CSR are: 1) defensive (about risk management), 2) charitable (about philanthropy), 3) promotional (about marketing & PR), 4) strategic (about management systems), and 5) transformative (about innovation). He also gave recommendation on Vision of CSR in the future. He emphasized on a strategy to realize CSR 2.0 through safety, sharing and sustainability.

Another guest speaker, Ingeborg Boon presented on ISO 26000. She added, “More value should be added on the business beyond charity and ethics. Conferences like this are more needed, where actual participation of stakeholders can be expanded though improving accessibility and applicability of ISO 26000.”

One domestic Case Study was also presented. Vice-president of LG Group, Young Ki Kim stated “Based on the international standard of CSR, LG made its own CSR checklist, which took 5-months. As the importance of CSR is increasing, LG group continue to put effort on performing its role as a corporate citizen voluntarily.

After all the speakers presented, the conference continued on with a panel discussion led by Ji Hyun Lee, CEO of Julianlee Company. Specialists from each field were on the panel: Nam Sik Lee (President of Kaywon School of Art & Design), Ingeborg Boon (Secretary of General of The Netherlands Standard Committee), Young Ki Kim (Vice-President of LG Group), Wayne Visser (CEO of CSR International), and Jung Tae Kim (CEO of MYSC). It was a heated debate.

Meanwhile, many CSR managers, students and other attendees showed response of the event being significant time to understand the guidelines on Social Responsibility better.

Hyun Kim, CSR Assistant Manager of Hanwha Group, said “Although ISO 26000 was being recommended how to implement it to my company was always troublesome. However, through this conference helped me to do in-depth thinking about CSR”.

“From this conference, I thought that if the government and corporate implement and spread ISO 26000, it can eventually lead to win-win society. I hope this good movement of CSR can continue on with the integrated strategy,” commented by Joon Su Kim, a student from Dongguk University.

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