Walmart 2013 Global Responsibility Report

월마트[KOSRI Bo-ri Kim, Researcher] The scope and boundaries of the 2013 Walmart Global Responsibility Report encompass the corporate social, environmental and company responsibility efforts, while also providing snapshots into each of the individual markets around the globe. The report reviews Walmart’s progress and performance during fiscal year 2013, reflects areas where it has achieved tremendous positive results and specifies areas of opportunity the company must continue to focus on. The reporting timeline covers the period of Feb. 1, 2012–Jan. 31, 2013 and builds on its last report, issued April 2012.

How Walmart made a difference in 2012
1. Giving: Walmart and the Walmart Foundation surpassed $1 billion in giving worldwide.
2. Sustainability Index: Walmart committed to scaling the Index and helped to launch The Sustainability Consortium in China.
3. Women’s economic empowerment: Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are increasing training and opportunities for nearly 1 million women around the globe.
4. U.S. manufacturing: Walmart has committed to sourcing an additional $50 billion in products in the U.S. over the next 10 years.
5. Renewable energy: Walmart has become the largest on-site green power generator in the U.S., according to the EPA Green Power Partnership.
6. Hunger relief: Walmart and the Walmart Foundation became the first partner of Feeding America to donate 1 billion meals to fight hunger and feed families.
7. Veterans: Walmart project hiring more than 100,000 U.S. veterans over the next five years.
8. Diversity: Nearly 28 percent of the corporate officers are women, compared with the Fortune 500 average of 14.3 percent.
9. Healthier food: Walmart has saved customers more than $2.3 billion on fresh fruits and vegetables since 2011.
10.Jobs and opportunity: About 77 percent of the store management teams in Walmart U.S. started as hourly associates.