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PUMA Annual Report 2014

In PUMA’s Annual Report 2013 and on many other occasions you spoke of the challenges PUMA is facing, such as the lack of brand heat or commercial products. What did we achieve in 2014 to tackle that?

Looking back at 2014, we made progress on all of our key strategic priorities internally and externally. Internally, many important decisions have been turned from words into action and those will help us become a faster and better company in the future. We have made strides in developing competitive products that mirror PUMA’s new “Forever Faster” positioning. We have improved our marketing, which now focusses on fewer stories and a clear use of our assets. We have initiated important changes to optimize our organizational setup. We have, for example, closed our development center PUMA Village in Vietnam and relocated our Lifestyle Business Unit from London and our Retail business from Oensingen to our headquarters in Herzogenaurach. And last but not least, we have started revamping our operations and IT foundation under the guidance of our newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Lars Sørensen.

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