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Lavazza Sustainability Report 2014

This is the first edition of our Sustainability Report, which will from now on be an annual exercise. The objective of this document is to provide a systematic framework for the company’s accountability and reporting initiatives. Specifically, the Report is the primary instrument for managing and reporting on economic, environmental and social sustainability initiatives. It is also a transparent way to interact with and disclose information to stakeholders. Lavazza adopts a strategic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), which involves the comprehensive integration of CSR themes throughout the value chain. Sustainability, for Lavazza, is therefore an integral part of its core business. This vision requires the adoption of precise, measurable and repeatable key performance indicators (KPIs), whose achievement is dependent on the involvement of all company functions and on the defnition of guidelines in order to create a systemic process. To this end, in 2011 Lavazza added impetus to this approach – already adopted by the company in terms of developing a company culture – by creating a dedicated position whose task is to define, implement and coordinate company-wide CSR activities focusing on four main areas: the sustainability of the product and of production processes, and the sustainability of relations with internal and external stakeholders.

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