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Coca-cola 2014/2015 Sustainability Report

Our publicly announced goals and commitments drive us to continually improve. In this report, we provide information about our progress and activities. They include goals in the areas of personal well-being; women’s economic empowerment; sustainable management of water, energy, and packaging use; as 2020 Sustainability Commitments well as sustainable sourcing of agricultural ingredients. These goals apply to the Coca-Cola system. Our Goals Dashboard begins on the following page and provides an overview of our 2020 sustainability commitments. These commitments extend across the entire Coca-Cola system, which includes all of our more than 250 independent bottling partners. We have set ambitious targets to drive systemwide change beyond small operational improvements. We do not own most of the companies that comprise our bottling system, but we feel it is important to strive for large-scale success and to provide leadership that will raise the bar for our industry. We also continue to report against some goals that are set to be completed in 2015, which can be found in the chapters on Climate, Packaging and Human and Workplace Rights.

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