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2015 Nissan Sustainability Report

Guided by its corporate vision of Enriching People’s Lives, Nissan aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society through its full range of global business activities in addition to providing value through its products and services. As a leading global automaker, Nissan is committed to all stakeholders—including customers, shareholders, employees and the communities where the company does business—to deliver engaging, valuable and sustainable mobility for all.

Nissan’s pioneering efforts to promote electric vehicles, with their low environmental impact during operation, along with efforts to make mobility more affordable for people in emerging countries and the development of Autonomous Drive technologies that contribute to the realization of a society with virtually no traffic accidents are part of the value-creating initiatives rooted in this vision. This approach to corporate social responsibility is called “Blue Citizenship.” Through Blue Citizenship, Nissan aims to be recognized by its stakeholders as a company that lives up to the expectations of society.

To share the company’s CSR-related thinking and activities to as broad an audience as possible, each year Nissan publishes a Sustainability Report. By sharing this information, the company increases the level of transparency of its actions while creating opportunities to improve its activities by incorporating feedback from stakeholders, thereby contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

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