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Barriers and Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid

이 보고서는 빈곤 감소의 장벽을 이해하는 데 있어서 생태학적 접근법을 제시하고 있다. 빈곤에 사는 사람들이 당면한 불이익은 계속 축적되고 서로 상호연관되어 있는 복잡한 형태가 ‘빈곤’이라고 제시했다. 장애물은 크게 5가지로 제시되었다.

As part of its mandate to guide and define the role of the private sector in poverty reduction and inclusive development, the UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD) produced the “Barriers and Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid” foundational report. Developed by an interdisciplinary team of 18 leading poverty experts, the report leverages an ecological approach to understanding barriers to poverty reduction. The report presents poverty as a complex web of accumulating and interacting disadvantages facing people living in poverty, which in turn, sustain and perpetuate a life of socioeconomic exclusion. The barriers are clustered into five broad categories: Early Developmental Barriers, Health Barriers, Skill Barriers, Social Barriers, and Decision-making Barriers.

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