The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has experienced five stages of evolution as ethical oriented stage, differentiation and prosperity stage, “chrysalis” stage, ethical oriented stage, and sustainable development stage in the West from 1953. Corporate social responsibility research started in the late-1980’s in China. After about 20 years of development, going through the evolution of the introduction period, chaotic period, the legal and ethical responsibility period, the concept of CSR in China achieved unification with the West with an orientation of sustainable development in the late-2000s. In China, the concept of corporate social responsibility was imported from and influenced apparently by the results of Western research, but with Chinese characteristics as well. This paper reviewed the history and evolution of corporate social responsibility concept stage by stage both in the West and China, and comparing the differences and similarity between concepts of corporate social responsibility in the West and China.


1. Introduction
2. Evolution of CSR Concept in the West
3. Evolution of CSR Concept in China
4. Conclusions

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