Wen-Chih O’Connell, Director, Corporate Engagement

Have you been tasked with expanding your employee engagement programs to other countries? Are you looking for tips to make your programs more locally relevant?

Many CSR professionals are facing the same challenges.

After receiving an increasing number of inquiries and observing growing interest in employee engagement in global communities, Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) wanted to provide corporate responsibility practitioners with the information to make their work easier and more powerful. A literature review revealed that while that there was no one resource where a practitioner could go to get actionable information about how to take employee engagement programs global. SVCF gathered the existing research (global and country-specific) and recruited practitioners experienced with implementing their programs globally to share their expertise and help uncover country-specific do’s, don’ts, “cultural norms” and resources for employee engagement. 
The resulting report, Global Employee Engagement Report: A Corporate Responsibility Practitioner’s Guide, explores the employee engagement landscape in five countries: China, Brazil, India, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The report identifies cultural nuances, policies and trends that practitioners should be aware of as they design locally-relevant programs. 
The report includes practical insights such as:
  • Labor laws are especially complex in Brazil and have implications for employee engagement. 
  • Collection drives are popular in Brazil and U.K. while cash giving is less popular in Brazil and China. 
  • Volunteer time off (VTO) policies often exist but are not used in India. 
  • Payroll giving and matching gifts programs are often called “give-as-you-earn” and “rand-for-rand” respectively in South Africa. 
The report offers more interesting information and resources that will help you find NGO partners and CSR peers in-country.
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