By Dylan Mino & John Morgan

이 연구는 기업에 부정적 사건이 발생했을 때  CSR 활동이 하락된 기업 평판을 어떻게 보호해주는지 보여준다. CSR 랭킹이 높은 기업은 그렇지 않은 기업보다 비판을 적게 받으며, 사회공헌활동과 위기를 잘 대응해온 기업은 부정적 사건 이후에도 평판 손실을 입지 않았다는 연구 결과를 발표했다. 

We provide a theoretical framework showing how CSR activities can insure a firm against lost reputation in the face of adverse events. We offer evidence for this linkage through a case study and a multi-year analysis of stock price responses for S&P 500 companies following product recalls. We find that firms with better CSR ratings fare better than those that do not. Furthermore, a firm that is exceptional in both doing good and avoiding harm suffers virtually no reputational damage following events. Using the results of the study, we offer a guide to managers for determining the appropriate amount and mix of CSR to undertake.

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