By Steward Lewis

본 연구는 이해관계자들의 기대가 증가함에 따라  CSR에 대한 인식이 어떻게 떠오르고 있는지를 보여준다. 저자는 이해관계자들이  기업을 평가할 때 추가적으로 CSR을 평가하고 있으며, CSR이 기업 평가의 본질적 요소라고 주장했다.

In this paper the author tracks the rise of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a concern and an ever‐growing factor in stakeholder expectations. Using MORI data from a range of stakeholder audiences, the author argues that CSR is now established as a fundamental addition to stakeholders’ criteria for judging companies, and calls for a reappraisal of companies’ brand and reputation management. As well as being a threat to companies’ reputation and prosperity, CSR also represents an opportunity, as a potential basis for renewed trust between business and its stakeholders.

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