Our annual Global Citizenship Report (GCR) tracks enterprisewide strategies, goals, programs and progress for our fiscal year across four key areas of our business:
•Economics & Access: increase global commerce sustainably for communities and shareholders
•Environment & Efficiency: create more efficient networks while minimizing our footprint
•Community & Disaster Relief: leverage our infrastructure and our people to help communities worldwide
• People & Workplace: foster a culture dedicated to making every FedEx experience outstanding
 Our FY12 report covers our fiscal year 2012, which ended May 31, 2012, and includes data from each of our operating companies and geographies unless otherwise stated. We began annual reporting of our global citizenship efforts in 2008, with our FedEx Office division producing its first sustainability report under the Kinko’s brand name in 2003, prior to being acquired by FedEx. Our FY12 report is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 Guidelines. Moving forward, we anticipate our annual GCR to publish following the end of our fiscal year, and we will continue to monitor trends and opportunities to evolve our report, including quarterly updates and more localized reporting efforts by geography.
Several governing bodies oversee our reporting efforts across our enterprise. In 2011, we reconstituted our governance oversight with the FedEx Enterprise Sustainability Council (FESC), a senior officer council that develops and guides implementation of our environmental sustainability strategy and EarthSmart® platform. Additionally, senior executives oversee our corporate philanthropy strategy through the Corporate Contributions Committee. Each FedEx operating company’s Human Resources department actively manages strategies and issues pertaining to team member engagement and development. Corporate Human Resources centralizes coordination of efforts and manages executive development, employee benefits and diversity strategies at the enterprise level.

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