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Wells Fargo-2012 CSR Report

Creating local solutions for local needs
At Wells Fargo, we want to help our customers and communities succeed over the long term. We strive to be active community leaders, working side by side with stakeholders to create local solutions for local needs. Together we’re getting families into homes and helping to keep them there. We’re helping small businesses grow and create jobs. We’re investing in the issues our team members, customers and communities care about. We’re integrating our environmental and social practices into our business strategies, products, operations, and supply chain. And we’re operating our business responsibly so that natural resources are protected. Why? Because when communities prosper, so do we.
Environmental stewardship
We believe those of us who can, should lead positive environmental change and we embrace that responsibility. That’s why as, we do business, we try to protect natural resources and the environment. We’re finding new ways to minimize our energy consumption, reduce waste, support renewable sources of energy while building stronger communities.
Community investment
When it comes to investing in our communities, we understand one size doesn’t fit all. Every city, every neighborhood, and every resident has unique challenges, needs and stories. And we want them to succeed in the long term. So we invest our talent, expertise and financial resources to be right there with them — l istening, learning and partnering with key stakeholders to create local solutions for local needs.
Product and service responsibility
The most important way we can help our customers succeed is by offering the right financial solutions across all of our consumer and business products, services and advice. We regularly have conversations with customers and stakeholders to make sure we’re providing exactly what our customers and communities need.
Ethical business practices
At Wells Fargo, trust means maintaining the highest ethical standards, and in many cases, going beyond the requirements and above industry standards. That’s how we earn the trust of our customers, communities and shareholders. We constantly monitor and refine our business and risk management practices, and ensure we perform ethically and with integrity.
Team member engagement
Team members are our most important stakeholders simply because they’re the single most important influence on our customers. That’s why we offer an environment that inspires team members to excel and share ideas. We survey them each year to learn how we can improve their work environment. The result: our ratio of engaged to actively disengaged team members is 5 to 1, compared to the national average of 1.5 to 1.1


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