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Dell FY13 Corporate Responsibility Summary Report


Dell is a member of the global technology industry, which has connected the world in incredible ways. Now a colleague across the world can feel as familiar as one across town. As Dell works more closely with partners, suppliers and industry peers worldwide, it discovers that we all want the same things — a positive work environment, a strong community and a healthy planet. And the firm knows that in an increasingly flat world, it must collaborate to achieve these inter-related goals. However, the approaches often vary widely depending on the cultures, the resources and the regulatory environments in which it operates.

In FY13, achieving harmonization and collaboration across a diverse group of stakeholders during a time of organizational change continued to be the greatest challenge to meeting Dell’s corporate responsibility goals.

– Achieving consistency

– Creating global sustainability metrics

– Driving standards across complex supply chains

– Leveraging diverse groups to promote positive change

FY13 Progress to goals and commitments

Each year, Dell provides a snapshot of the current progress to previously stated goals. With this year’s summary report, it highlights various goals material to the past 12 months, including an update on progress.


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