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Marriott 2013 Sustainability Report


Marriott is in the business of helping people “See the World.” It takes pride in creating memorable experiences in the hotels while operating sustainably and creating economic opportunity wherever the firm does its business. Customers—including those in some of the strongest emerging markets like Brazil, China and India—are traveling in record numbers and choosing Marriott for their stay

The firm seeks innovative and creative ways to meet the needs of guests while maintaining high standards in every aspect of the business, from human rights to environmental and social sustainability.

This report updates 2011-2012 Marriott Sustainability Report and focuses on progress made during 2012 in areas of most interest to stakeholders. Unless otherwise noted, this report is based on data from Marriott’s 2012 fiscal year, and reflects the operational performance of its 1,099 company-operated hotels, which include owned, leased and managed properties, and exclude rooms from franchised, unconsolidated joint ventures and timeshare properties.


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