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MillerCoors 2013 Sustainability Report

Five years ago, MillerCoors was launched with the ambition of creating America’s best beer company. From the very beginning, it put sustainability at the heart of that vision. The company made that decision because a commitment to sustainability is part of the heritage, and it’s something the employees and consumers demand. Quite simply, it’s good business and the right thing to do.
The MillerCoors 2013 Sustainability Report outlines how the corporate “brewing for good” and the progress on this journey.
Our commitment to sustainability has five key ingredients:
Responsibility. It’s our duty to ensure the great beers are marketed and consumed safely and responsibly.
Environmental Stewardship. The company constantly strive to use less water, lower the energy emissions and cut back on waste.
Supply Chain. It is working with everyone from the farmers to the distributors to improve sustainability and transparency throughout the supply chain.
People and Communities. MillerCoors supports people and give back to the communities that give so much to the company.
Ethics and Transparency. MillerCoors brew, market and sell our beers the right way.
The company sets specific goals and carefully track the progress in each of these areas.


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