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Nestle Waters CSV Report


Nestlé Waters was created in 1992. Today Nestlé Waters is the number one bottled water company worldwide. With around one hundred production sites in 36 countries, Nestlé Waters has 32,200 employees and a portfolio of 64 unique brands, enabling to constantly innovate in order to meet the different expectations of consumers all over the world. Among those brands Nestlé PURE LIFE has become in 2008 the largest bottled water brand sold in the world.

The purpose of this report is to highlight how Nestlé Waters is contributing to Nestlé’s overall Creating Shared Value strategy. Creating Shared Value is the foundation of how Nestlé is doing business. The company believes that in order to create long-term value for shareholders, it must simultaneously create value for society. This report provides an overview of our management systems, performance and engagements covering the period from 2005-2010. It thus enables trend assessment and provides evidence of improved performance. In a few cases where data were not yet consolidated when this report was published, actual 2009 figures will be indicated instead of 2010 projections.


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