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GNP Farm to Fork Report 2012

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Founded in 1926 as a seasonal hatchery, today GNP Company provides wholesome, naturally nutritious chicken products to customers and consumers domestically and for export internationally. It requires accountability at every step, from farm to fork, to ensure safety and quality. But our accountability doesn’t stop there. As members of a global society, we must also commit to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations—focusing upstream and downstream of the supply chain.

GNP Company’s most significant contribution comes from the quality nourishment our products provide. Chicken, by far, is the nation’s most preferred and one of the most sustainable protein sources.

GNP Company’s operating principle is simple: to thrive by embracing safety and balancing the need for economic Progress with the needs of our People, Planet and Poultry. It’s what we call the 4Ps—interdependent elements that sustain the health and vitality of our business


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